Hi dude, correct way to get charming muscles

For many male friends, an outing or fitness room is the best place to strengthen muscles. Recently, quarantine regulations don’t allow those environments. Many of them are looking for some training that is workable at home. On the one hand, those training is easy to work out, and keep charming muscles; on the other hand, it can help to improve their immunity. However, many don’t know how to do these training correctly. Here is some advice:

  1. Make your schedule

Some may think:” Don’t do that much professionally cause i am not an expert”. No, stop this idea. Actually, strength training is a difficult and lonely exercise, which needs us to persist. Occasional training is good for your health, but doesn’t bring any change to your muscle. If you can’t control yourself well, make your schedule at once, and your schedule should contain below contents:

Schedule Remark
Specific time Early morning: Excellent(hormone level is high, which is helpful building muscle)
Noon: Good
Evening: Worse
Frequency Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday
Body part to train Chest/shoulder/back/legs/arms/Waist
Method Fixed equipment/Free weights
Aim Improve your muscle step by step
Keep record Specific training name/part/adjustment/frequency


  1. Training and notice
  • Choose suitable training equipment. If you’re fresh at strength training, we advise you to imitate and study some easy training actions, and learn which training is helpful for which series of muscles. Finally use fixed equipment to feel the muscle.
  • Don’t increase the training weight randomly. To be a skillful strength training person, you need to go through different processes (Imitate-correct practice mistake-skillful). If you increase the weight quickly at the beginning, your body can’t adapt to these training actions and get injured. The correct way is to practice more and improve muscular endurance. Professors advise the training should be within 12~15RM, repeat 2~4 groups, and then add 1~2 groups.
  • Change different training regularly. Various training actions are important to build muscle, but if you try all actions via different equipment without a key point, you’ll miss their focus and actual advantages. Usually, experts advocate 2~3 main training actions, combined with other actions. On the other hand, the only changeless factor of training is change. Single training action(including action, weight, group) can’t stimulate and improve muscle.
  • Practice lower limb strength. Researches show muscle group will produce some elements that can help to build muscle. Leg muscle is the largest part of our body muscle, so lower limb strength training is very important to build muscle.
  • Training needs to cooperate with a suitable diet. Training is the base, the muscle cell will recover and develop in your rest time after finishing the training. If during this process, we can have some suitable food like chicken, beef, trout fish, and banana, muscles can grow up more quickly. It would be great if you can have high-quality and sufficient sleep.

If you are still balking, just start to do it. Even if your companions give up, insist what you’re doing, a good figure would benefit your career and life. But we need to choose the scientific method, one saying says well begun is half done. Come on, dude. Let’s do it!


































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